Filing A Complaint

If you have reason to believe that a licensee has violated a Statute or Rule under the Nursing Home Administrator Act, you should review the Complaint Procedure as well as complete the Complaint Form. Please review the Statute 90-285.1 Suspension, revocation, or refusal to issue a license prior to submitting any complaint to the NC State Board of Examiners for Nursing Home Administrators.

If you are considering filing a complaint, please keep in mind that if the nursing home administrator is found to be in violation of the Rules and Statutes he or she may be subject to disciplinary action. Complaints MUST be made in writing, signed and notarized. Please provide a specific and detailed summary of the complaint and attach any documentation that supports the allegation of wrongdoing. Once received the complaint will be reviewed by staff and submitted to the Standards of Practice Committee. The Committee will request a response from the nursing home administrator, whom the complaint is filed against, based on the information provided in the complaint. Once all the information is received the Standards of Practice Committee will review the complaint and the response from the administrator before making a decision to dismiss the complaint or proceed with any disciplinary action.

Please note that this process is a lengthy one which may require additional information to be obtained from the Complainant, Administrator or related parties. All documentation and information must be received and reviewed by the Standards of Practice Committee prior to coming to a final conclusion. Please do not discuss the complaint with any member of the Board because this will disqualify that member from hearing the case.

Please utilize the Complaint Form below to file the complaint.

Please note if this complaint is concerning a care issue in a nursing home you need to call the Complaint Section for Nursing Homes under the Division of Health Service Regulation 919-855-4500.

Complaint Form

Rules And Statutes